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We'll show you a list of available appointments. You choose a time that is convenient for you, and a deposit secures your appointment. You should receive a confirmation email shortly containing the link to download information forms from the office. We'll remind you the day before your appointment with Dr. Huang.

Please note that your appointment can not be rescheduled or canceled within 48 hours of the visit.

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Initial Visit (50 Minutes)

If you are a first-time patient or haven't seen Dr. Huang for the past two years, please schedule a 50-minute appointment ($520.00). This visit will include an initial evaluation, ordering of diagnostic tests and a treatment plan. We apologize, but due to Medicare regulations, we cannot accept patients with Medicare insurance, even if they choose to pay by themselves.

Please fill out these forms before you come in:

Regular Visit (25 Minutes)

If you've seen Dr. Huang within the past two years, please schedule a 25-minute appointment ($260).


Please book your appointment here.




Fees must be prepaid online. We do not participate in any health insurance plans. However, we are happy to provide you with a claim form to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Cancellations within 48 hours do not receive a refund.


Welcome to my Wait-free waiting room!

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment (to leave some buffer against traffic). The patient information forms can be downloaded from a link sent with the confirmation email from the office when you made your appointment. You can also find them here: Please fill out your paperwork before you come. The forms will also be on the waiting room table if you can't download or print them. If your paperwork is ready ahead of time, I will be able to see you when your appointment starts, and you won't waste any time waiting. Conversely, I cannot extend your appointment if you arrive late since the next patient will be waiting.

One of the greatest frustrations during my 21 years of pediatric practice is the time that patients waste in my waiting room. Every few days, a patient comes in 15 minutes late. My whole staff and I lose 15 minutes right there, and every subsequent patient waits an extra 15 minutes. If another patient comes in 15 minutes late, there would be a 30-minute wait for every subsequent patient. It's unfair and inefficient to waste everyone's time this way.

In my new practice, you will not waste your time. I ask each patient to commit to the appointment by depositing in advance. For example, if you make an appointment for a 2 pm initial consultation, you will get your full 50 minutes with me if you get to the office before 2 pm. If you come in late at 2:20 pm, your session will still end at 2:50 pm without a refund. This is the only way I can guarantee that if you arrive on time, I will see you on time. Just plan to come in 10-15 minutes before your appointment to give yourself some cushion against traffic jams or other unforeseeable situations. You will enjoy your office visit, and it will be a breeze!


Office hours

These are our usual hours, but please follow the links above for an appointment.


Monday 10 am - 1 pm
Tuesday 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Wednesday 10 am - 1 pm
Thursday 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


“I struggled in College with anxiety and depression; I didn't want anything to do with anybody or anything. I just wanted to sleep all day and stay indoors so I didn't have to talk to anyone. I forced myself to move home because I was miserable, and I obviously wasn't doing what I was supposed to at college. When I returned home I met with Dr. Huang and she counseled me on how to cleanse my body and I received acupuncture treatments once a week. The results were amazing! After the first treatment, I had already felt relaxed and as if a huge weight of negative energy had left my body. It made me desperately want to get back to my old self. I received about 4 or 5 acupuncture treatments last summer, it was pain-free and actually very relaxing. Since then I have come a long way, and I would recommend acupuncture to anyone. Acupuncture is natural and pain-free with amazing results. I don't know where I would be if I haven't had the help of Dr. Huang.”

Kylene Krscnski, 23