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Holistic Medicine and Acupuncture
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After practicing traditional pediatrics for ten years, I saw that traditional health care alone was not helping our patients achieve true health. Our current health care focuses on eliminating the symptoms of the disease without eliminating the root of the problem. Many patients require more drugs just to treat the side effects of other drugs!

I did a lot of research, studied many courses, and passed many board exams to re-educate myself in Holistic Medicine. I started by practicing holistic medicine for myself, my family, and my friends. I then integrated holistic medicine into my traditional pediatric practice and eventually opened my current practice, which is dedicated entirely to holistic medicine only. It was a great success, bringing fulfillment and joy into how I practiced medicine.

I practice holistic medicine as evidence-based medicine based on scientific foundations. An extensive initial lab test determines what's wrong, what minerals or vitamins are deficient, and which hormones are out of balance. That way, we can start the right nutritional program, lifestyle education, supplements, herbs, or bioidentical hormone replacement. 

You see, no one technique can cure every person and every disease. Many complicated health conditions like ADHD, recurrent infections, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune diseases, anxiety and depression need many different treatment techniques. With my MD background and extensive training in holistic medicine, I have orchestrated multiple modalities to improve these complex health issues.

I am not here to replace your primary care doctor but to work with him or her as a holistic consultant. Together, we will help you get ultimate health!

“I came to Dr Huang six months ago. I was working with a health coach which was great, she was able to figure out that I had thyroid and adrenal problems but a health coach can't treat you. I needed a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and put together a treatment plan and I was referred to Dr Huang. I came to her with a laundry list of symptoms such as digestion problems, fatigue, anxiety, depression, memory problems, weight gain, mind racing, brain fog etc. and I hadn't felt well since my 20's. Over the years doctors gave me pill after pill and nothing ever worked completely. The natural hormone therapy I am doing with Dr Huang has changed my life. I couldn't even focus enough to read a book six months ago, last week I read two complete books. My anxiety is gone and my thinking is so much clearer. I'm feeling better every day. I look back and I can't believe how many years I wasted not being diagnosed and treated properly. I highly recommend that you see Dr Huang, she doesn't treat your symptoms, she diagnoses and fixes the cause of your problems. You will learn so much it is amazing. I have never been this in touch with my body and how I feel and it is all because of Dr Huang.”

Annetta W.